In the Telecommunications industry, COLOURS has mainly been addressing business challenges in the B2B segment, particularly in the SMB market. Deciding which small and medium companies to target and qualify is a complex task.

  • Generating targets | Large accounts are generally well known, in most cases managed directly by Key Account Managers, high value and coveted by competition. When trying to address the SMB market, the challenges are quite different. COLOURS provides ranked targets to sell voice, internet and telephone services with high estimated value and adherence probability. | Lead Generation
  • Churn management | Churn rates are increasingly higher. Customers change between providers at an extremely low cost, providers encourage change with very attractive offers, offers and pricing are very similar. It’s crucial to understand which Customers are churning, why and how, to promote retention strategies and initiatives. COLOURS develops predictive models to detect Customers in risk of defection. | Churn Management
  • Estimating Customer future value | COLOURS identifies churning patterns, profiles Customers and estimates defection probability along time. Customer consumption behaviours are analysed, profiled and its future value is estimated. Defection probability and future value are analysed to decide which Customers to focus on regarding Customer Care, price, service, etc. | Lifetime Value
  • Segmentation | COLOURS develops segmentation analyses focused on identifying Customer segments according to multiple criteria: Customer value, cross/up-selling potential, churn probability, etc. Segmentation may provide useful insights into various marketing and sales initiatives. | Segmentation
  • Cross & Up-selling | By developing Customer profiles, COLOURS helps companies identify which Customers have the potential to acquire/subscribe other products/services or to increase the level of commitment already contracted. Cross & up-selling Customer lists are provided to drive sales efforts. | Segmentation