Technological companies relying on agents, concessionaires, franchisees or other third party retail business partner mainly contact us to help them optimize targeting, retail network performance and business reporting.

  • Optimized prospects | Companies often struggle with the lack of commercial drive of some of their partners. They either don’t have a proactive profile regarding business development or don’t know how to identify promising leads. COLOURS segments the Customer base and identifies companies in the market (targets) with similar profiles. These targets can be distributed to the retail network to drive and optimize sales via target lists or an online Sales Force Automation tool, provided as a service (SaaS) | Lead Generation, Segmentation
  • Partner network performance | How can a partner network be optimized regarding location, product mix, number of sales reps, competitors, etc.? By taking into consideration partner business data (sales, sales team, customer location) and external data (existing companies, competitors retail sites) COLOURS produces valuable insight to analyse partner performance and coverage, adjust tactics and rethink strategy. | Retail Sites Performance, Sites Location Optimization
  • Sales activity reporting | Using a Sales Force Automation tool may contribute to track retail network’s sales activity. As the activity evolves, pipeline data it may be accessed via a business data visualization tool (COLOURS may provide both tools in a SaaS model), as well as sales, churn or other relevant business data. | Business Data Visualization