Sites Location Optimization


Retail site networks grow as business demands for extended geographical coverage. As complexity rises, competition gets stronger, consumers and businesses are more demanding, keeping a well-balanced and profitable retail network is not an easy task.

Some sites may lose revenue due to competition, Customers may shift to a more convenient site in the network and consumer and company profiles located nearby may change throughout the years.

Both mature companies with large scale retail networks and new businesses looking for ideal territories to expand business face a common challenge: “where”.
In fact, determining the adequate location(s) to grow a business is critical. Lack of business potential, settled and fierce competition, regulatory issues and/or other, may destroy the most optimistic business projections.

This service is aimed at:

  • suggesting the best areas/regions to implement retail sites. It can be also applied to suggest optimal locations for Agents, Concessionaire, Franchisees or other;
  • identifying opportunities and threats in the retail sites network such as: coverage gaps (regions with high estimated business potential with no retail site); internal competition between sites (sites fighting for the same customers); external competition (sites where external competition is damaging the business); changing Customer (sites where Customers are changing buying behaviours or profiles/type).

The same methodology, with complementary data regarding retail site performance, may be applied to decide about closing/opening sites.

Project deliverables

  • Project report detailing conclusions and results, including regional potential, competition and optimal areas/regions.