Sales Force Sizing


How many sales representatives, agents, concessionaires and/or Tele-Sales/Marketing operators does your sales team require to fully address the estimated business potential in a specific territory?

It all starts with setting up sales objectives. This is usually done by revising last year’s objectives and achievements. However, how do you estimate the regional business potential?

Have you fully characterized the activity of your sales team? How long does it take them to close a business? Who takes longer? In what type of opportunities are they struggling the most?

What kind of account management strategy is in place? Are sales representatives covering territories? Are they responsible for groups of accounts?
This service focuses on providing strategic insight to optimize the number of sales people you need and your team’s ideal mix (go-to-market strategy including third parties) to meet sales objectives.

Project deliverables

  • Project report detailing conclusions and results;
  • Interactive Sales Force Sizing report to allow data manipulation and visualization.