Oil & Energy

In the last years, COLOURS has been dealing mostly with the B2B fuel cards business, focusing mainly on addressing marketing and sales challenges and optimizing performance.

  • Segmenting Customers by value | Organizing Customers in segments is a critical task. It directly impacts the way customers are managed, the conditions they benefit from (price, rebates), the go-to-market strategy, etc. Defining the adequate number of Customer Segments and value segment cut-offs have been a recurrent task in this industry. | Segmentation
  • Acquiring new Customers | Focusing sales efforts on the most promising targets is the key to optimizing conversion ratios and leveraging sales. The main question is: who are they? COLOURS delivers ranked estimated business potential targets, contributing to narrow contact effort and focus sales reps and telesales on the most promising companies. If required, targets are uploaded into a Sales Force Automation tool provided as a service (SaaS) | Lead Generation
  • Retention | Customers are presented with low barriers to switch between providers. They often have several simultaneously. COLOURS contributes to early predict which Customers may defect by analysing behaviour from consumption and CRM data, reducing churn rates and optimizing retention initiatives. | Churn Management
  • Estimating business potential | “How well are we performing? What business potential are we dealing with in this country? How can we address this potential?” These are key questions to Country, Sales and Marketing Managers. COLOURS estimates business potential per company, region or country regarding annual volume, type of fleet or other criteria defined as relevant. | Market Potential Estimation
  • Performance monitoring | Throughout the years, COLOURS learnt that both top executives and teams would benefit from a more efficient and accurate reporting to support execution and operational decision making. In fact, business data is sometimes hard to get and even harder to extract value from. Key people cope with multiple tasks; activity reporting is one of them. Finally, organizations have a hard time analysing and comparing the same “numbers” between sales reps, regions and countries. COLOURS provides interactive, up to date, easy to analyse and visually attractive reporting. | Business Data Visualization
  • Sales effectiveness | Sales performance is a multi-variable equation comprising opportunity management, target selection, coverage model (account vs. territory), pricing, retail sites network, among others. By analysing past sales performance, pipeline, churn, retail sites positioning and competition, COLOURS may provide valuable insight to better organize sales reps, go-to-market strategies (tele-sales/Marketing, agents, etc.) and leverage sales performance. | Sales Force Effectiveness, Sales Force Sizing