Lead Generation


Companies are having a hard time optimizing prospecting efforts and Customer acquisition results. Targeting potential Customers is a difficult task. Contacting and qualifying the whole market is impossible. Resource allocation, both human and financial, must be carefully performed and there’s an increasing pressure to optimize sales conversion rates.

This service focuses on identifying the best targets to contact, both in B2B and B2C markets, according to their estimated value and adherence probability to the offer. Targets are ranked to facilitate CRM processes and to optimize contact effort.

COLOURS may provide a CRM tool, as a service, where target lists are uploaded. This will facilitate target distribution, contact execution and progress monitoring.

Project deliverables

  • Target list(s) (number of lists and targets according to project scope);
  • Report detailing conclusions and results;
  • Interactive Targeting report to allow data manipulation and visualization;
  • Online CRM Tool and Reporting | optional.