Churn Management


Competition gets fiercer every day, markets tend to be more mature and differentiation is harder to obtain. The cost of acquiring customers from competitors is increasingly higher. On the other hand, customers tend to switch providers easily and at an extremely low price.

Traditional churn prediction models are exclusively based on the Customer behaviour, which often translates into excellent results in estimates. However, Customers identified as potential churners are not actionable effectively in terms of retention measures, not only because the models are focused on short-term churn (Customers that have already made the decision and often signed contracts with the competition),but also because there is no accurate/reliable information on abandonment causes or their characteristics. As a result, retention strategies are often misaligned with churn causes and Customer profiles.

This service is aimed at:

  • identifying how, why and which Customers churn
  • gathering information before it’s too late, allowing customer retention initiatives rather than customer win-back ones;
  • profiling churners to characterise their churning behaviours and develop or improve customer retention programs.

Project deliverables

  • Periodic probable Churner lists;
  • Project report detailing conclusions and results;
  • Interactive Churn report to allow data manipulation and visualization.