When meeting with Bank Top Managers, mainly in the Retail business, COLOURS deals with the following challenges:

  • Setting up branch objectives | Setting branch objectives is a huge challenge for Sales Managers. COLOURS helps quantify regional business potential, both in the consumer and business markets, providing key information to estimate Agencies business potential and sales team objectives. | Market Potential Estimation
  • Avoiding defection | Understanding which Customers are leaving, in what circumstances and why is key. COLOURS helps characterize churners and predict which Customers tend to leave in the fore coming weeks or months. | Churn Management
  • Estimating Customers' future value | Which Customers will grow in their portfolio? Which should be subject of better service or conditions today to maximize their future value? Estimating Customer’s future value in the short and long term is critical to trim service, focus resources and leverage business revenue. | Lifetime Value
  • Providing targets to branches | COLOURS provides customized target lists to meet specific campaign goals (high estimated value, product penetration, etc.) | Lead Generation
  • Understanding Customers | COLOURS helps profile Customers regarding their value, buying behaviour and social/demographic characteristics to obtain actionable micro-segments for sales and marketing initiatives. | Segmentation
  • Increasing Customer value | By developing Customer value profiles, COLOURS is able to identify growth opportunities in the Customer base, both for cross and up-selling, by analysing which Customers are deviating from the average consumption of the profile they belong to. | Cross & Up-selling
  • Branches performance | COLOURS assesses branch business performance through multiple criteria including business concentration area, competition, coverage, portfolio, etc. | Retail Sites Performance