The automotive industry has been facing huge sales and profit losses due to the economic crisis that has endured in the last years.
The main business challenges COLOURS has been dealing with in automotive companies are:

  • Setting up marketing campaigns | COLOURS generates ranked target lists according to specific campaign goals (type fleet, fleet dimension, vehicle model/family) with high estimated potential (number of vehicles) and probability of becoming a Customer. These have been mainly used in Tele-marketing campaigns | Lead Generation
  • Increasing Customer loyalty | COLOURS helps identify typical Customer life cycles and needs, estimate customer lifetime value in the short, medium and long term, grow Customer value, improve Customer care and brand loyalty. Understanding Customer life events, willingness to buy and adjusting points of contact is critical to improving sales | Lifetime Value
  • Avoiding defection | COLOURS profiles past churners and detects possible future churners to increase retention rates, Customer satisfaction and business performance. | Churn Management
  • Profiling Customers | Both in the consumer and the corporate market, proper segmentation helps to target more accurately , market more efficiently and act faster. Understanding Customer profiles by Concessionaire region or focusing a campaign on a specific Customer profile are both examples of how segmentation has been used in the Automotive industry. | Segmentation
  • Assessing campaign results | Representing data, i.e., results achieved in marketing campaigns in the fleet segment has been a major area of focus for COLOURS in this industry. Loyalty to the brand, to the Concession, response rates, conversion rates, etc., are assessed regularly. | Business Data Visualization