Who we are

COLOURS is a consulting company, headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, that focuses on providing predictive analytical services to customers worldwide.

COLOURS uses business data to generate valuable insight to support Marketing and Sales tactics and program implementation.

As renowned data specialists, COLOURS has developed projects in multiple industries and locations, addressing both B2C and B2B business challenges.
Our team is made up of people with extensive experience in business management, consulting, technology, geography, statistics and data mining.
We are able to communicate (speak and write) in Portuguese, English, German, French and Spanish.
We are based in Lisbon, Portugal, and frequently found traveling around Europe.

What we do

COLOURS focuses on transforming business data into knowledge with significant impact on business performance.

We believe that with the proper tools and knowledge, business data may be converted into information.
The starting point of our work is always the Customer's business data. After collecting it, we carefully analyse it to make sure that it is complete, correct and updated.
Depending on the challenge, internal business data may be complemented and enriched with external data.
The next step is data analysis. By applying statistical/data mining techniques, we strive to produce valuable insights to define tactics, reveal trends and behaviours, detect opportunities and/or other.

All deliverables are set up so that the Customer can benefit the most out of them.
Actionable lists, interactive data visualization tools and resumed reports of project’s methodologies, insights and conclusions are always on the top of our list.

What we deliver

COLOURS focuses on creating actionable insights, helping you execute as soon as your business demands.

Our proposition consists of:

  • Getting the job done quickly, because your business can’t wait;
  • Providing you with all the necessary tools, because you may not have the required resources to do so;
  • Producing high quality deliverables at a very competitive price, because budgets are continuously shrinking;
  • Developing tailor-made projects, based on your business data, because you’re different from your competitor;
  • Promoting a very interactive, always available, fully committed business relationship, because we want to support you anytime, anywhere.